Upcoming Releases (all dates subject to change):


BTS return with “Love Yourself: Answer” on 8/24!

Asleep At The Wheel’s “New Routes” cruises into stores on 9/14!

Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel release “Patina” on 11/9!

Mudhoney delivers “Digital Garbage” on 9/28!

The Guess Who’s, “The Future Is What It Used To Be” drops on 9/14!

Alter Bridge’ “Live At Royal Albert Hall” documentary due 9/7!

Joni Mitchell’s “Live: Isle Of Wight” show gets blu-ray/digital release 9/14!






Harlan & Alondra-BUDDY

Take Me To The Disco-Meg Myers

Seasons Pt. 1-Jan Hammer

Dictator-Scars On Broadway (system of a down’s daron malakian side project)

Life In 12 Bars Soundtrack-Eric Clapton (4LP version, the CD & digital versions were previously released on 6/8.)

The Public Image Is Rotten-Public Image Ltd (40th Anniversary 5CD/2DVD or 6LP box)

The Audience Is This Way-Goo Goo Dolls (live album)



Cage To Rattle-Daughtry

While We’re At It-Might Mighty Bosstones

Out Of The Blues-Boz Scaggs

For The Love Of Metal-Dee Snider (twisted sister)

Game Day-Peter Holsapple (formerly of the db’s)

Teatime Dub Encounters-Underworld & Iggy Pop

Achtung Baby-U2 (180 gram vinyl reissue)

Zooropa-U2 (180 gram vinyl reissue)

The Best Of 1980-1990-U2 (180 gram vinyl reissue)

All One Tonight: Live At The Royal Albert Hall-Marillion


Live At Third Man Records/ Nashville & Cass Corrider-Jack White (3LP vinyl only!)


Golden Age-Houndmouth

America’s Child-Shemekia Copeland

Time Flies-Jim Lauderdale

Jim Lauderdale & Roland White-Jim Lauderdale & Roland White (lost 1979 album)

Living In Extraordinary Times-James

Among The Ghost-Lucero

Frosting On The Beater-The Posies (30th Anniversary reissue)


Queen-Nicki Minaj

Know-Jason Mraz

High Water I-The Magpie Salute (former members of the black crowes, minus chris robinson)

Repulsion For Humanity-Sinsaenum (slipknot/ dragonforce side-project)


Sweetener-Ariana Grande

Thank You For Today-Death Cab For Cutie

I Hope You’re Happy-Blue October

Sexcapades Of The Hopeless Robotic-Sid Wilson (slipknot)

Volume III-Mushroomhead (DVD)


Love Yourself: Answer-BTS (third in series of “Love Yourself” albums following “Love Yourself: Tear” and “Love Yourself: Her.”)

Rainier Fog-Alice In Chains


Dance On The Blacktop-Nothing


Parallel Universe-Plain White T’s

Thanks For Everything-Third Eye Blind (covers EP)

Lightsleeper-Neil & Liam Finn (crowded house singer and son)


Hydrograd-Stone Sour (deluxe edition)

Treat Myself-Meghan Trainor

Bloom-Troye Sivan

Music From Big Pink-The Band (CD/ blu-ray/ 2LP/ 7-inch vinyl singles box)

August 2018:

Quintessential Yes 50th Anniversary Anthology-Yes (curated by Jon Anderson on 2CD/ 3LP)


Egypt Station-Paul McCartney

The Song Remains The Same-Led Zeppelin (reissued soundtrack to documentary, blu-ray includes four videos not included in original documentary…vinyl includes expanded “Dazed and Confused”…CD/ vinyl/ blu-ray/digital)

In The Blue Light-Paul Simon (revisits and reimagines lesser known songs)

It’s About Time-Chic

Raise Vibration-Lenny Kravitz

Ruby-Macy Gray

Book Of Bad Decisions-Clutch

50th Anniversary Live At The Apollo-Yes (DVD/ blu-ray/ 2CD/ 3LP)

Live At Royal Albert Hall-Alter Bridge (DVD/ blu-ray/ CD/ vinyl)


Cry Pretty-Carrie Undewood

Immortal-Ann Wilson (heart singers covers of dead artists album)

Livin’ The Dream-Uriah Heep

Generation Rx-Good Charlotte

Monsters Exist-Orbital

untitled-Liam Payne (one direction)


True Meanings-Paul Weller (guitarist for the jam)

Dark Skies-Fit For A King

The Future IS What It Used To Be-The Guess Who

Waiting For The Sun-The Doors (50th Anniversary Edition)

Both Sides Now: Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival-Joni Mitchell (blu-ray/ digital)


The Gospel According To Luke-Steve Lukather (toto) and Paul Rees. (autobiography of Toto


Heavy Duty: Days And Nights In Judas Priest” former Judas Priest guitar player K.K. Downing’s memoirs released.


Piano And a Microphone 1983-Prince (demo-style album, includes a Joni Mitchell cover and a 19th century spiritual that was recently used in a Spike Lee movie.)

Living The Dream-Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

Redemption-Joe Bonamassa

Bridges-Josh Groban

John David Souther-J.D. Souther (high quality vinyl reissue)

Black Rose-J.D. Souther (high quality vinyl reissue)

Home By Dawn-J.D. Souther (high quality vinyl reissue)


Acid For Children” memoir of Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to be released!


An American Treasure-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (boxed set of unreleased music/ alternate versions/ historic live performances/ deep tracks.)

Digital Garbage-Mudhoney



Blood Red Roses-Rod Stewart (new studio album)


Trench-twenty one pilots

The Unheavenly Creatures-Coheed & Cambria

The Silver Scream-Ice Nine Kills

TCP-Tokyo Police Club

The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon-Echo & the Bunnymen


Amazing Grace-The Posies (30th Anniversary reissue)


Beastie Boys Book” memoir finally released after five years!  592 pages.


Queen biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” debuts in theatres.


Patina-Red Dragon Cartel (former ozzy osbourne guitarist, jake e. lee’s latest band)

The 1/19 Show: Live In London-Lacuna Coil


Benjamin Orr of “The Cars” biography published today by author Joe Milliken.


The Baker’s Dozen: Live At Madison Square Garden-Phish (3CD/ 6LP box)



My Life With Deth” sophomore biography from David Ellefson, bass player from Megadeth


Springsteen on Broadway” comes to Netflix.


History Of Local Releases from Binghamton Area Artists:




Honest Company-Zarni de Wet

My Story-Marv Williams


The Age Of Entitlement-Lo-Fi Resistance


Ashley Lux-Ashley Lux (EP)

The Art Of Feeling-Jilly May


Do Bad Things-Peaches And Crime

Looking Back: Our American Irish Souls-The Burns Sisters

Binghamton Music, Vol. #1-Various Artists


No More Dream-Chad J. Dean

Are We Rollin’-Esquela

Obscuriosity-Stephen Lawrenson

10 Metaphors For Love-Brenna Swanger

Nowhere But Down-Woodshed Prophets

Milkweed EP-Milkweed


Light Up The World-Lila Ignite


Chalk Lines-Lo-Fi Resistance

Zarni (ep)-Zarni de Wet

Erratica-Anubis Spire

The Hills Of Ithaca-The Burns Sisters

Inside (ep)-Red Spring (randy mcstine & michael wu side project)

Live At Black Bear Winery-Randy McStine (Vol. #1 of the official Randy McStine bootleg series)


The Woodshed Prophets-The Woodshed Prophets

Go Dutch-The Benjamin Raubinsons

Feel The Beat-Gary Wilson

Forgotten Lovers-Gary Wilson (vinyl only version of 2003 CD)

Live At The Belmar-Yolk (live DVD from reunion show)

Systematic Suicide-Castrofate


Intelligent Design-Monkeys Typing

A Deeper Breathe-Lo-Fi Resistance

Friday Night Lights-Zarni de Wet

The Beginning, Pt. II-Mobday

Diagonal-Lukus Wells

Meridian Voice-Meridian Voice (feat. Randy McStine)

Electric Endicott-Gary Wilson


Somewhere Else-Stephen Lawrenson (formerly of “Beard of Bees”)

Graveyard Shift (ep)-try.fail.repeat


The Owl Has Landed-Esquela (not sure of exact release date)?


Beyond The Gray-Jared Campbell

Lisa Wants To Talk To You-Gary Wilson

Enough (ep) -Adri Young

Lost Discoveries 1998-2008-Anubis Spire


Got A Good Thing Goin’-The Blue J’s


The Way You Look At Me (ep)-Dena

Children Of A Foreign Faith-Anubis Spire


Hoboin’-Pinecone Fletcher

Anderson And I-Jared Campbell (live)

Guitarizm-Randy McStine


Rest Out-Jared Campbell

Mary Had Brown Hair-Gary Wilson

Back To Abydos-Anubis Spire


Direction-Audrey’s Stone

Where It All Begins-Jared Campbell

Forgotten Lovers-Gary Wilson

Direction-Audrey’s Stone


You Think You Really Know Me-Gary Wilson (reissue)

Second Shot-Randy McStine


Free Little Bird-Marie Burns

Somewhere Near Itaska-Dirt Farm


OLD LIONS (in the world of snarling sheep)-Anubis Spire (debut)


Shredding Skin-Randy McStine (?-not sure of correct year)


Baby To Baby-Jimmyjohn McCabe (yolk)


Just What The Doctor Ordered-Frostbit Blue

Individually Twisted-Yolk

In This World-The Burns Sisters


Tradition: Holiday Songs Old And New-The Burns Sisters


Caution: Social Prescription May Cause Side Effects-Yolk

Ice Breaker-Frostbit Blue

Close To Home-The Burns Sisters



Songs From The Heart-The Burns Sisters


Endangered Species-The Burns Sisters


The Burns Sisters-The Burns Sisters


You Think You Really Know Me-Gary Wilson

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ALBUM REVIEW: Nowhere But Down-Woodshed Prophets

---If The Woodshed Prophets self-titled debut was their shot at proving themselves to be a viable recording entity, and not just a cover band, then “Nowhere But Down,” sees the band getting more comfortable with the place they’ve carved out. 

----They refer to their style as “Power Twang,” so with that in mind this album is a little more twang and a little less power, while their first disc was a little more power.  That’s not such a bad thing.  The songs are still strong, but while they rock a bit less, they are still celebratory.  This is closer to a good time party album.  It gets a bit mellow at the end, but what party doesn’t? 

---“Nowhere But Down” opens with the raucous, party anthem “Moonshiners Ball,” but from that high, descends into an almost happy, but not quite “let’s get drunk to forget our broken hearts” ballad, that would make Jimmy Buffett proud.  Also, this song has something that you would think more of the “Prophets” songs would have had…steel guitar.

---“Dancing In The Kitchen” is sentimental, but not sappy, with a hook that radio and DJ’s in particular should love.  It’s an Alabama style ballad, with a little boogie at the end. Too bad it’s corporate managers that make the decisions these days.  This has a chance to be a legitimate hit.

---“Can’t Take It” gives a bouyant voice to bubbling-under frustration.  This mid-to-uptempo melody, driving harmonica and vocal harmonies almost make frustration seem like a good thing, but the desperate vocals betray the songs good time feel, and echo it’s true intent.

---“Jesus Saves” gives voice to beer-goggles mentality by putting us in a car with a stoned, cigarette smoking and drunk driver, more worried about being busted by the cops than dying in a car crash on the highway, because he knows he’ll go to heaven in the crash.  The song doesn’t mock this mindset, or attempt to judge it, but it is scary because most people know someone just like this guy.

---Musically “Sandy” brings together The Eagles and Bruce Springsteen-esque riffs that make for an excellent piece of working man’s rock.  The opening alone melds an “Already Gone” style riff, with the E-Street Band’s signature chugging rhythm section’s style, while paying tribute to a barmaid who stays cool. 

---“Bottle Of Whiskey” finds the band breaking out the steel guitar again, in a jamming piece of country rock during verses, that morphs into rockin’ country during the chorus, it not only works, but it has one of the best sing-along choruses of the whole disc. 

---“Ladybug” isn’t about a bug at all, but a woman who needs to “fly on home,” ‘cause her husbands out drinkin,’ messing around and her kids are alone, sung from the perspective of friend that maybe wants to be something more.  It’s a bit sad, but lovely, too.

---“My Front Door,” is an ode to those who can’t stop their mind from racing, featuring Eagles-like harmonies.  It’s a great hangover recovery song.

---“Two Steps Closer” is a rousing anthem for trailer trash in a bad relationship.

---“Lorraine” is little bit of Texas boogie and blues that sounds like it was written for Z.Z. Top.

---I suppose that a band that plays as many country bars as The Woodshed Prophets, had to record a song like the album’s finale, “Land Of The Fourth Of July.”  It is a smoldering, minimalistic piece…just keyboards, piano and two part harmony.  No percussion whatsoever, but doesn’t the opening piano part remind you of “Strange Magic,” by ELO? 

---“Nowhere But Down” shows the “Prophets” a little more mature, a little more comfortable, but still a lot of fun.  It’s a great ride for country rockers of any age!

---Dr. Dave 10/12/13


ALBUM REVIEW: Ten Metaphors For Love-Brenna Swanger:

---At age 15, most teenagers are trying to keep up with their homework, school sports or the latest trends on YouTube.  Not Brenna Swanger.  At age 15 she’s  made an album, and surprise, it’s a credible album.  Now let’s put this in perspective…this is an album that features songs from the point-of-view of a teenage girl, by a teenage girl for teenage girls.  There are songs about love, losing at love, victimized by love, love fantasies, etc.  That being said, this is a well crafted pop album.  Swanger didn’t overstep her abilities…she kept things simple.  Most songs feature her vocals (overdubs for harmony and/ or effect here and there.) either a keyboard or guitar, or both, and electronic drums, but she wrote all the lyrics, contributed on the music and of course sang on everything.  Some songs feature some violins and there are a few guest appearances, for example a smokin’ guitar solo, by her guitar teacher and Rooster & the Roadhouse Horns guitarist, Paul Knapik on “It’s You,” and even a somewhat out of place verse of rap over the bridge of “A Million Lies,” by Joey C.  Mary Falvo also plays lead guitar on “Victim Of Your Love.” 

Overall, this album reminds me of Tiffany.  I know I’m dating myself, but this sounds like an album that Tiffany could have made back in the late ‘80’s.  Maybe Brenna should start singing in malls.  That Swanger accomplished this at her age and contributed as much as she did is amazing.  It speaks to her abilities not just as a singer, but a songwriter, too.  Most artists at this level are performing songs by other artists.  That she already has ten originals on an album is nothing short of incredible.  Let’s not sell her strong, clear vocals and decent vocal range short either.  

My favs on this album are the ballad, “Lullaby,” followed by “Be There,” “Invisible Love,” anyone of which could be a single, but “Lullaby” in particular, is the most mature and broadly appealing song in this package.

Can’t wait to hear how her abilities grow on her next album.

---Dr. Dave 9/28/13.


CD REVIEW: Obscuriosity-Stephen Lawrenson

Lawrensons third album is another collection of smart, jangly alt-pop, that will remind you at times of ELO, or John Lennon’s post-Beatles solo work.  The opening track, “Your Karma,” is especially Jeff Lynne-esque with it’s heavy reverb and harmonies.  The title track is bouncy and you’ll find yourself amazed at how many words actually rhyme with “Obscuriosity.”  Edge Of The World” features a more laid back groove that owes a lot to The Beatles, as does “Words To Say,” and “Small White House.”  Lawrenson obviously wears his influences on his sleeve.

2nd Time Around” sees the production value and the reverb stripped back a bit revealing a sound closer to Toad The Wet Sprocket, than ELO and perhaps a lot closer to the real Stephen Lawrenson.  The songs remain irresistibly pop and extremely catchy.

On “Ordinary” the production value is upped a little on what is possibly the second best song on the album. 

Forever And A Day” is a straight forward love song, which features some nice mandolin and/or banjo work.  The drumming is minimized with emphasis on picking and lyrics with harmonies for accent.  This could be a hit pop song.

The production value comes roaring back on “Thank You,” and on the albums conclusion, “Pale Yellow,” which reminds me of the way that ELO ended their landmark album, “Out Of The Blue”…with a soft yet bombastic goodbye. 

The songs are extremely catchy and excessive listening could lead to whistling, or even singing along.  Lawrenson is clearly one guy who can write a hook. 

Originally published: 9/21/13


Album Review:

Band: Esquela

Album name: Are We Rolling? 

Release Date: 6/14/13

Esquela is a band that plays country rock…which always strikes me odd, because with a name like Esquela, it seems like they should be a mariachi band, but forget the name for a moment, forget that it’s really just a nickname for the bands founder and get into their sound.  This is a country rock band, with a blistering female singer, who sounds like a cross between Dale Krantz Rossington and Linda Ronstadt, and musically the band is tight, with a sound that recalls some of Rolling Stones best country rockers, but the songs on “Are We Rolling?” seem written right out of a conservative right-wing playbook that would make Dick Cheney proud, denouncing welfare on “Free Bird,” (which was replaced over a decade ago by President Clinton’s workfare program), Union corruption (on “Too Far Left”—as if the left are the only ones capable of abusing power.), and the sin of laziness on “My Friend.”  There are some songs on the album that strike a more broad appeal, like “Free Beer,” which addresses religious intolerance…”Frozen Chosin” heralds Korean War vets…”Phone Home” gives a cheater the heave-ho…”Genesee Fever” references the Loomis Gang in the 1800’s and is one of only two songs on the album that don’t seem to have a political agenda…and the closing track (the other track that is not political) is the classic “Tossin’ And Turnin’” originally made popular in the 60’s by Bobby Lewis. 

This band was built to be a good time rockin’ blues band, and the songs are uptempo and jangly, but the lyrics just appeal to a narrow audience.  It’ll probably play well in small town conservative bars and pubs, but it may have a hard time finding a wider audience.  Too bad, because this band can play and given the right songs, they could break out nationally.  Singing about religion and politics usually doesn’t help, in fact that’s why the best songwriters try to write songs so that they’re open to interpretation, so that they’ll appeal to listeners across the country and around the world.  So, consider this album a lesson in writing lyrics.  I’m hoping that on the next album, the lyrics will live up to the band, because this band really can play…they just need songs that live up to the caliber of these fine musicians.  They need their own, “Honky Tonk Woman,” for example.  Not that they need to cover that particular song, they just need a song that will do for them, what that song did for The Stones.  They just need songs that reflect the attitude that this band evokes…a good rockin’ good drinkin’ good time, and when they find those kinds of songs, I hope they’ll let me review that album, too.  In fact, I’m looking forward to it.